Consumer Protection Services are experts in package bank claims. Established in 2008, we have managed and claimed over 20 million pounds for our clients and handled over 40 thousand different types of consumer claims against banks and other financial companies. We have proven success rate and excellent customer focused service.

Do You Already Have Cover?

Car Insurance, Breakdown Cover, Mobile Phone Cover?

Are your electronic items, gadgets, etc all covered under your home insurance?If you were ‘promoted’ by your bank to a Premium Bank Account including a higher monthly “account Fee” but featuring various insurance benefits and car cover bundled together…. Ask yourself ….. Did you didn‘t really need the products or use the services they provided, if not, we can claim your money back plus interest

IS Your Bank Guilty?

Have you been offered an alternative?

If you were not offered an alternative account that was free or cheaper without the bundled benefits, we can claim your money back plus interest.
If the Bank Advisor never checked to see if the insurance benefits were of any real value to you or if you may have already had similar insurance products in other plans, like car breakdown cover or mobile phone cover, we can claim your money back plus interest.

Who Can You Claim From?

RBS? Halifax? Barclays? HSBC?

Packaged Bank Accounts are bank accounts like RBS Royalties Gold or Silver, Halifax Ultimate Rewards, Barclays Additions. Many of the high street banks discovered a way to make extra money from their clients by adding these bundled features as perceived benefits for having their account and charging you, their client, an added £10 to £25 per month for the privilege. The problem is there are often terms and conditions which prevent certain policies from paying our if you did need to make a claim such as age or pre existing health conditions on many of the travel insurance products. If these were not explained to you before being given the packaged bank account you have a right to make a claim to get your money back.